Aileen Alexander, CEO of Diversified Search Group, the largest woman-founded executive search firm in the world, talks about their 48-year history of successfully focusing on the value of diverse leadership and leading the way in challenging the status quo.  Aileen talks about the importance of lowering the ladder to help women through mentorship, sponsorship, and advocacy and the value of non-linear career paths.  Her philosophy of “people first, mission always” illustrates the belief that all members of an organization or business matter, and she takes the time to get to know each employee.  Aileen talks about what she has learned from her identical twin daughters, her strong calling to service in the military, and the leadership skills she learned and now incorporates into her role as CEO.  The Diversified Search Group’s mission, vision, values, culture, and people all center on their belief that the right leader in the right place can transform people, organizations, and the world.