Ayman Sayed, CEO of BMC Software talks about their leading and different model in the crowded space of technology as it relates to growth and success as an ‘Autonomous Digital Enterprise’, or ADE, and what that really means. Ayman explains how a company becomes an ADE and the importance of actionable insights, digital-first practices, and data (now known as the currency of the century). Mr. Sayed then shares new use cases for technology prompted by the pandemic, especially in the healthcare industry; and, the change in spend and what’s really going on in various industries, and finally, the 6 most profound areas of change being seen and what CEOs should be focusing on as technology drives their business growth and transformation.

In the second half of the interview, Ayman speaks about their unique culture, building a great culture, inspiring talent to come to their company, doing good, and their core fundamentals as they also become an ADE and lead by example. Mr. Sayed also defines a very unique practice at their company, how it starts, and the important elements to sustain it. In conclusion, Ayman looks into the future and the headliner of evolving into an ADE and riding the waves of change and then gives one important piece of advice to CEOs.