Bill Burns, CEO of Zebra Technologies, pioneers of digital technology and scanning and serving over 80% of the Fortune 500, shares how asset intelligence elevates front-line workers and the culture of an entire enterprise across all major industries through better engagement, inventory knowledge, and providing a great customer experience. Bill also discusses how they’ve been using AI for some time now and how it is further advancing with Generative AI including improved patient care and equipment tracking in healthcare industry. In the second half of the interview, Bill goes deeply into how they’ve built an innovative culture at Zebra with over 10,000 employees globally across 100+ offices and 100 countries with a focus on customers’ needs and solving problems through best ideas. Finally, as a 3-time CEO, Bill discusses his leadership philosophy where people are the core and then closes with key advice to CEOs on using technology and a step they should take in giving things a “digital voice”.