A local business owner makes a powerful statement.

On a Saturday I was in my local hardware store and Bill, the owner, came by to say, “Hi Robert.” What’s interesting is his head was completely shaved. We started talking, and he told me he was supporting St. Baldrick’s Foundation.

“When my head is shaved I am experiencing just one tiny element of what it’s like for a child with cancer who has to shave his head,” Bill said. “There is real power in actually experiencing what someone else has to go through!”

I was thinking, ‘My gosh, it doesn’t get much more important than helping young kids who are battling cancer.’ It just hit me deeply and viscerally …. This is so, so, so important.

A benefit I have (or perhaps it’s an occupational hazard) is that I end up interviewing a CEO related to most of the products or services I have needed. I remember when I interviewed Kathleen Ruddy, the CEO of St. Baldrick’s, and what she said left a deep impression on me. It immediately came back to mind when I saw Bill at the hardware store.

Kathleen explained, “Every two minutes a child somewhere is diagnosed with cancer, and one in five will not survive. We need to fix this!”