Too often we feel like a number…

About a week ago I interviewed Joseph Ansanelli. He’s the founder and CEO of Gladly, a customer service software company on a mission to make customer service “radically personal.”

To better understand this industry – and the disconnect between brands and the reality for customers – I asked Joseph what’s wrong with customer service today.

Joseph explained, “Customer service is too often disappointing. Almost everyone can relate to the frustration of being forced to repeat yourself to multiple agents to resolve an issue. But why?”

“It’s because most customer service systems are organized by tickets and case numbers,” he said. “This system traces its roots to the legal case system of the late 1800s and hospital case files introduced in the early 1900s. However, this approach is too impersonal for today’s consumers. Who wants to feel like a number?”

If we remember that Peter Drucker told us that the purpose of business is to create and keep a customer, we will work harder to organize customer files by the person and their history with us as a customer, and not by their case number.