You can become a genius and control your own destiny through learning the ‘tricks’ of life …

Recently I was on Harry Edelson’s private island in Boothbay, Maine for a lobster bake with about 80 leaders, great people and investors — mostly from China, as Harry has been to China over 125 times and was a Wall Street pioneer in investing there. Harry has already invested in 11 Unicorns and is working on two more. Anyone who knows Harry, I seriously urge to get an invitation to this remarkable event of meeting smart, fun people.

I’ve spoken many, many times with Harry, and every time I ask him about his philosophy it refreshes me with inspiration. Harry grew up extremely poor in Brooklyn and taught himself what he calls the ’tricks’ of success.

“I’ve taught myself the tricks of life to become successful,” he said. “From Evelyn Wood I can read 4,000 words a minute, so I zip through a prospectus in just a few minutes; in math I can multiply things like 88 x 95, or 672 x 11 in my head in only a few seconds, because math is all just tricks that always work. And I can memorize 100 items in any order by using a simple system.”

Harry continued, “I outline all of these in my book Positivity. The same way I’ve had great success, I get excited when I see others’ success.” To me, Harry has actually taught himself through what he calls the ‘tricks’ of life to be a genius!

He then told me about the island he bought. “It used to be a restaurant which JFK came to … but over the years became in disarray. But I saw the potential, and that’s exactly how I look at investments!”

To me the message is every person can at times be in disarray — one of your workers, a family member, or even yourself as a CEO. The key is to control your destiny by creating your own tricks of life, and let the potential emerge!