I recently interviewed Chris Mann, CEO, MorganFranklin on the radio about the secret of leading a successful merger or acquisition. He had several important insights which I thought you’d appreciate to have in one quote, so you can refer to the next time you’re considering a potential M&A. So I asked Chris to sum how CEOs should think when entering into a merger or acquisition. He responded,  “Companies need to set themselves up for long-term success when it comes to mergers and acquisitions. On the front end, they need to ensure the right building blocks are in place for a successful transformation – this includes accounting for the transaction appropriately and also putting in place a roadmap to effectively integrate people, processes, and technology. A meaningful focus on these areas also drives more consistent messaging and an integrated culture for the newly combined entity.
What really strikes me is the concept of building blocks, which means if thought through correctly you, the CEO, can control your destiny and build for the desired future.

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