With Jeff Bezos atop the news right now, what’s most important, I thought, is to understand his way of thinking as arguably one of the most successful business people of our time.

In our politically charged world, it’s sometimes good to go back to the basics. I recently read how Bezos answered the question of what the American Dream means to him.

“I think people should carefully re-read the first part of the Declaration of Independence, because I think, sometimes, we as a society start to get confused and think we have a right to happiness,” he said. “But if you read the Declaration of Independence, it talks about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Nobody has a right to happiness. You should have a right to pursue it. I think the core of that is liberty.”

As I think about this, as CEOs we are driven by vision. And perhaps the greatest joy of it is the ability to pursue our vision with a team. So no matter what our dream, I am reminded it’s the journey – the pursuit – not the destination.