Common sense ethics and a founder’s mentality…

Asma Ishaq of Modere, the global personal care and health and wellness company, is one of the very few CEOs of an acquired company to be made CEO of the larger merged company. Modere acquired Ishaq’s company of nutraceuticals in 2017 and appointed her as CEO less than a year later. Since then, Modere has increased revenue and EBITDA, and is more profitable than ever.

She told me her success stems from common sense ethics and a founder’s mentality.

“Common sense dictates that acting with integrity at all times is not only the right thing to do, but the only way to succeed.” She utilizes a “360-degree values system” which demonstrates that “The way you treat any one person is ultimately how you treat everyone.”

With the ‘founder’s mentality she sets high-level strategic objectives and also obsesses about the little things.

“Research shows that public companies gain three times more return on investment for shareholders whenever a founder is still involved with the company,” Asma said. “Fortunately for CEOs who have never been founders, a founder’s mentality is something they can learn and embody.”

As we embrace the new year, my advice to CEOs is to have a founder’s mentality — treating everyone with dignity and focusing on the little things … just as founders do.