Advancing technology for humanity

On Thursday I interviewed Stephen Welby, Executive Director of IEEE, which is the world’s largest technical professional organization with 422,000 members in over 160 countries. First thing I loved is their mission — advancing technology for humanity.

As background: IEEE convenes the smartest technological minds from around the globe who play a large role in collaboratively researching, developing and deploying world-changing future technologies that will significantly impact our lives in a variety of ways, from computing and sustainable energy systems, to aerospace, communications, robotics and more.

IEEE is also the leading developer of international standards underpinning a broad range of technologies, and the IEEE Standards Association has a portfolio of over 1,250 standards. An example is IEEE 802 standards for local, metropolitan and other area networks, including Ethernet and Wireless LAN – commonly referred to as Wi-Fi.

The message to me is that you can get technical professionals to work together for the greater good, providing you have a truly important shared mission; and make that mission just a few words that everyone can galvanize around … and if you can synthesize the mission down to just 4 powerful words, even better!