Most CEOs tell me their primary job is creating a great culture. The question is, ‘what makes for a great culture?’ Some say you first must have a riveting vision that galvanizes everyone – however, over the course of many decades I’ve studied, researched and explored what happens in our brain – universally – I have discovered something profound. It all comes down to the concept of a conversation … and especially those where bot parties leave energized, wanting to work together to achieve the vision.

I once read a book Conversational Intelligence which outlined a thought that has stuck with me since — there are really there levels of conversions: Level I Transactional where data is exchanged; Level II Positional where one is influencing; Level III Transformational where two people co-create the future for mutual success.

Since reading Conversational Intelligence® I find myself trying to move to a Level III Conversation – which is co-creating with others because frankly there’s nothing as exciting as co-creating a positive future not just for myself – ‘WITH OTHERS’. In trying to understand this more deeply, today I called Judith E. Glaser author of Conversational Intelligence® and happened to get her on the phone. Here’s how she summed up conversation, “Conversations are a universal capacity hard wired in every human being. To get to the next level of greatness, depends on the quality of the culture, which depends on the quality of the relationships, which depends on the quality of conversations. Everything happens through conversations!”

Judith has studied the brain for three decades, and has learned that when people can remove their bias and openly listen with no agendas, they can work to create shared goals … and that is what draws humans towards each other. And these types of conversations are the backbone of a great culture.

As CEOs, be an example of level III conversations; and the more you can get all your people to focus on level III conversations, the quicker your organization will achieve its vision.