Healthcare is unlike any discipline: it impacts the very well being of our lives and the ones we love; and, at $3.3 trillion it is an economic engine driving 18% of our GDP. On a more micro level increasing healthcare costs are affecting everyone … I remember a few years back John Dineen CEO GE Healthcare telling me in an almost tongue and cheek way how his P&L was built to cover GE’s cost of healthcare benefits, and he joked but seriously how hitting his P&L was becoming a tougher job!

In trying to reconcile how to improve the future of healthcare, all roads seem to lead to one concept — patient access. Patient access is defined as, “the ability to ensure that patients can obtain timely care from the right provider in a convenient location”. While it seems fundamental, if we are able to solve patient access it flows through to both financial and clinical success. Think about this … matching the right physician saves money by reducing re-admits and the costs of mistakes, and matching the right physician is clearly the single most direct pathway to improving health outcomes. As an analogy it is as basic as taking the wrong train to work costs time, money and creates stress.

In my interest of exploring how to transform patient access as a key to fixing healthcare I have put together a panel of four top hospital system CEOs to advance solutions who will speak together about the future of patient access They are:

● Robert Garrett, President & CEO, Hackensack Meridian University Health Network

● Howard Kern, President & CEO, Sentara Healthcare

● Sandra Fenwick, President & CEO, Boston Children’s Hospital

● Warner Thomas, President & CEO, Ochsner Health System

If interested, it is ATLAS conference in Boston October 16, 2018 … for more info click here.