Bo Jackson was not only one of the very few athletes who excelled as a professional football player and baseball player simultaneously, but he truly became one of the most beloved icons of our time as well. Now he’s moved to the next phase of his life and become CEO of Bo Jackson Signature Foods. Here are some insights into how Bo Jackson thinks…

I asked Bo about his connection with food. He responded, “I watched my mother make cornbread in an 11 lb. cast iron skillet every day. The first time I made cornbread I was five and a half years old and my sister gave me a quarter, a whole quarter in 1968, to make that cornbread, and when I got that quarter, in my mind I had more money than Jeff Bezos.”

Then I asked what CEOs can learn from sports and he answered, “What CEOs can learn from sports, from my point of view, is that nothing is given to you. You have to earn everything you get, and I say, ‘Never say never.’”

All I can say is, Bo knows!