For companies who sell to
CEOs and have an important
value proposition.



For companies who sell to
CEOs and have an important
value proposition.


For companies that sell to CEOs and have an important value proposition.

What is CEO Connections?

CEOs, business development professionals, and marketing executives love working with us because we do one thing – we get results through delivering what we promise. We help clients significantly build their CEO practice. Our unique process creates elegant introductions for our clients and jumpstarts new relationships into the buying mode by creating a shared thought leadership forum.  We help clients achieve four results:

1. Revenue from new clients.

2. Increased wallet share from existing clients.

3. New powerful relationships.

4. Brand eminence in the CEO community.


We have a powerful approach we call our Client 5 Ps.

Purpose: Your purpose is our purpose, just as your story is our story.

Philosophy: You get branding, thought leadership and new impactful relationships integrated in an immersive platform where you are connected in a very comfortable, natural way.

PlatformsWe own our media platforms so we can guarantee your story will be told with your exact specifications as we give you final editorial approval.

People: You work directly with our senior team and we are available 24/7. Always. We can connect you with the people you want because we have over 500 CEO relationships, a proprietary outreach program which energizes new CEOs, and we have experience of 100 roundtables achieving significant results.


  1. Together we help you refine your value proposition message to CEOs.
  2. Together we develop a list of 25 people (up to 100) who can significantly increase your business.
  3. Together we think through your goal, including specific outreach plan for each CEO, where we will help you significantly grow your business with CEOs.
  4. You select 3 of your competitors you do not want us working with to ensure category exclusivity.

What we will NOT do:

  • Introduce you to a CEO that we don’t feel is a win-win.
  • Take any commission or revenue from your sales.
  • Do anything to negatively impact your brand or ours.


  • Connect you with at least 5 impactful CEOs.
  • Help develop specific messaging with you as expert problem solver to our community of 10,000 top CEOs.
  • Build thought leadership content which we will promote in CEO centric media, and that can be used in your sales and marketing to influence engagement.

Potential Components

Area Specifics
Advisory Consulting with leadership/sales team on refining message to CEO community and target list. Teach sales team how to sell to CEOs
Roundtables 1 hour video roundtable with 3 new relationships. 2 page CEO Forum write up. Also face to face roundtables.
Video 3 CEOs to video, plus meet and greets. Develop your Eminence Video and implement video distribution plan.
Radio Meet and greet target guests for co-host segments on The Transformative CEO Forum national radio show
Radio 1 minute ads
Social Media New impressions through social media campaigns
CEO Events Invites to CEO private events
Magazine (print/digital) Feature in The CEO Forum/Web
Magazine (print/digital) 1 or 2 page ads
Magazine (print/digital) Expert advice features for your team, or CEO Insights from your CEO
Training Keynote “How Top CEOs Think”

If you are interested in joining our connections group, please reach out.

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