Personalization, Mental & Physical Health, Community Wellness…

Karen Ignagni, CEO of the three-million-member EmblemHealth insurance and wellness company and recognized as one of the most powerful people in healthcare, has a vision for the future of healthcare in this country, and that future is now.

Karen said during our recent interview that she sees the future of healthcare this way: technology is going to facilitate care that is more personalized; care for mental health and physical health will come together; and the population will have more support outside of hospitals to keep themselves healthy.

Bringing the future to life today, EmblemHealth has formed incubator partnerships with HealthReveal, which uses genomics and augmented intelligence to advise clinicians on how to treat an individual whose make-up is different from another patient with the same illness, and with Cityblock, which brings non-hospital physician centers into communities and offers support intended to help people stay healthy and avoid emergency rooms.

With Cityblock, EmblemHealth is tackling what Karen calls “the social determinants of health” head-on — making sure the communities’ most vulnerable citizens have access to transportation, housing, nutritious food, and all the other building blocks that help them to stay healthy.

Cost containment is also a huge issue for healthcare in our country, as we hear in the news every day. Karen said the private sector, including pharmaceutical companies, and the government both need “to step up” to keep the promise of healthcare sustainable.