Every now and then someone comes up with an idea that is not just for a great business, but is one that can positively transform society.

I was recently speaking with Michael Rothman, co-founder and CEO of Fatherly, which has become the only brand that I know of truly helping dads succeed. As a CEO and father, I found the content spot on.

Fatherly’s mission is to empower men to raise great kids and lead more fulfilling adult lives. Launched in April 2015, they have 214% year-over-year growth, and they already reach 20 million fathers. They have 700,000 daily email subscribers and over four million social media followers. Through an original video series, events and deep-dive reports on podcasts, Fatherly offers original reporting, expert parenting advice and hard-won insights about a challenging and profoundly rewarding stage of life.

I asked Michael to explain the model, and he shared: “We launched Fatherly because in a universe of infinite content, there was a real dearth of high-quality parenting information. As the name Fatherly suggests, we’re motivated to engage men in conversation as dads, thereby doubling the total addressable market of parents. We serve that audience not just through content but now through live experiences and consumer products to provide meaningful solutions to questions that today’s parents encounter every day.”