Father’s Day and business’ “obligation to do social good”…

A business story fitting for Father’s Day came up last month when Evite CEO Victor Cho told me that his daughter helped him realize the importance of companies doing social good. The story also revealed that Victor taught his young daughter a good lesson about etiquette.

Victor said his daughter had a pile of unopened gifts in a side room of their house about six months after her birthday party. When he asked her why she had not opened them, she said, “Because you’re going to make me write a thank-you card.”

While this story demonstrates a lesson on the importance of saying ‘thank you,’ Victor was also reminded that people often don’t need all the gifts that they receive.

Evite connects with over 100 million people every year, and Victor told me that when you are lucky enough to control such scale, “you have an obligation to do social good.”

Cho joined Evite as CEO in 2014, and in 2015 the online invitation business created Evite Donations to generate philanthropy through the invitation program. He announced that Evite Donations has raised over $13 million for charities. He said, “We want anyone throwing a party to say, ‘I don’t need to get a thousand gifts for my kids’ and to instead say, ‘let’s put a cause out there that we care about and raise money for that cause.’”

“Materialism is off the charts at some of these parties,” Cho said. “You don’t need that many gifts; let’s do some social good.”