Innovating Human Capital Management Services

Interview Aired: 10/11/2015


  • arvindrawt

    Hello i am finding some text quote in this interview.

    “At Ceridian, our brand promise is ‘Makes Work Life Better’—we believe that our solutions and our people make work life better for employees everywhere, in any role within their organization.”

    “Essentially it came down to a lot of communication, a lot of town halls, and a lot of interaction with everyone inside Ceridian, and that’s what I did.”

    “When employees are able to see their leadership live by the values that guide them, it helps to establish a sense of organizational trust and credibility,”

    “Having worked in other companies prior to Ceridian, I can only appreciate the leadership team that is consistently walking the talk, seeking feedback and doing something with the feedback,”

    Please confirm.

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