Chris Murphy, CEO, Thoughtworks NA, a leading technology consulting company almost 30 years old, talks about how they differentiate themselves from others in the digital native space and embrace agility at scale in the enterprise, and in fact, wrote the book. Chris shares the 2 aspects to consider in improving agility and speed in a company’s business model in order to outcompete others and gives a specific case study from the healthcare industry. Mr. Murphy gives unique advice to CEOs about cybersecurity and ‘left-shift security’ thinking.
In the second half of the interview, Chris delivers an overview of his leadership philosophy building a great culture of learning and sharing, and helping clients in the agile software development movement and ethos around empowerment towards better achievement. Chris also talks about attracting the next generation of talent and technologists, growth, and mentoring, and the importance of a company’s values, reputation, and purpose. Finally, Mr. Muprhy offers a fresh and innovative perspective on the intersection of art, business, and society to create unexpected outcomes.