Christian Genetski, President of FanDuel Group talks about his role as a key architect of the company, the challenges overcome in building the company, and how they differentiate themselves in the very competitive category of online gaming, in particular, sports betting, iGaming and fantasy sports — and their secret sauce. Building from scratch to the biggest online gaming company in the U.S., Christian explains their approach in hiring talent and building a great culture of true diversity in a sports company, and how corporate reputation plays into that winning attitude and their mission of being a most trusted brand.
In the second half of the interview, Christian talks about the misperceptions in sports betting propagated by the illegal offshore operators in the industry and how FanDuel is trying to change that through legal operations and regulations, and, the ultimate benefits to the consumers and states, including the path of “unsafe play” and practices employed to curb them as a ‘white knight’. Mr. Genetski then shares behind-the-scenes stories of FanDuel’s origin and strategies in laying the industry’s foundation and becoming one of the top two players in fantasy sports — and revealing the sport with the highest activity. Finally, Christian speaks about lessons he learned while overcoming personal challenges, advice to other leaders, what it took from him to succeed, and the secret to empowering your partners.