Dan Dye, CEO of Ardent Mills, the largest flour milling company in America, talks about being at the heart of feeding North America and the unique and innovative ways they’re changing the way people think about grain-based foods and emerging nutrition with a mission of enhancing the quality of life and standard of health. Dan also explains how they bring clarity and reinforcement to their employees and culture through four core values and five leadership principles as a people-first, values-based company, their unique promise to their employees and practices to keep values fresh like their products. Mr. Dye also shares how new strategic roles in their organization are helping achieve their vision to drive greater focus on their employees, customers, and product growth, as well as, how breakthrough innovation during the pandemic made them more relevant in the future. Finally, Dan reveals a major personal adversity in his family and lessons learned through this crisis that shaped him as a leader and galvanized his team around him to become a better CEO through vulnerability, along with his thoughts on a CEO’s role in the global ecosystem in health and nutrition to build a better world and the correlation between values and profitability.