Daniel Hostettler, CEO of The Boca Raton, talks about the luxurious and historic cloister property that under new ownership is repositioning itself into five different hospitality products (including a 27-story tower, a one-mile beach, and a yacht club) shifting from a convention hotel to a membership club and luxury model, and their ultimate goal of becoming the first 25-star luxury resort in America. In this journey, Mr. Hostettler defines what the new luxury means for today’s consumers. Then, Daniel shares the details of his leadership philosophy in this unique turnaround and pursuit of 25 stars, leading from the front as true ‘innkeepers’, and the importance of re-imagination. Daniel then speaks about overcoming the specific challenge of blending legacy with new and lessons learned to reach their goal as the #1 destination spot for 2026, its 100th anniversary year. For visiting CEOs, Daniel provides insights on specific engagement opportunities they’ve created for family and team. Mr. Hostettler also talks about special partnering with the local community of Boca Raton and the “Golden Minutes” concept. Finally, Daniel talks about unique practices in developing a great culture where perfection is the expectation and then disclosing the secret to achieving and maintaining a great reputation.