David Best, President & CEO, Newman’s Own, Inc.


David Best, President & CEO of Newman’s Own, Inc. founded in 1982 by iconic actor and philanthropist, Paul Newman, talks about their unique business model and mission of giving 100% of profits to help kids. Dave also shares the secret to making great-tasting, top-quality foods. Mr. Best gives insights from more than a decade of leadership on the concept of reputation as the originator of ESG and being a purpose-driven company, and how it ties into the CEO and the brand, as well as, how his philosophy has evolved since becoming CEO in 2021, including a unique practice around their mission of philanthropy.
In the second half of the interview, Dave shares what he believes Paul Newman would be proud of and want to see more of today. Then Mr. Best describes their ‘Newman’s Deal’ corporate partnerships, a brand refresh, the concept of being “radically good” to help more and more kids, and the connection to product quality and reputation. Dave weighs in on supply chain challenges and gives advice to other CEOs. Finally, Mr. Best talks about CEOs that inspire him and the future of Newman’s Own in building a better world.