David Marriott, Chairman, Marriott International reflects on how lessons learned over 95 years of family history in the hospitality business have prepared him to create a stronghold of trust among Marriott employees.  He talks about the amazing evolution of the company from a nine-seat Root Beer stand started by his grandparents in 1927, to a global leader with over 8,000 hotels in 139 countries.  David shares their core founding belief that guides them to this day – “if you take good care of your associates, they will take good care of the customer, and the customer will come back.”  He talks about the various roles he’s had within the organization and how they have shaped his views on the importance of building long-term relationships based on trust and authenticity.  David is enthusiastic about the future of Marriott as they move into a new headquarters in downtown Bethesda and continue to grow and explore new opportunities.