Dr. Joseph Cacchione, MD, CEO, Jefferson Health


Dr. Joseph Cacchione, MD, CEO of Jefferson Health, one of the first health organizations, hospitals, and medical schools in America and almost 200 years old, shares the secret to building a great culture with 42,000 employees across 18 hospitals, 50+ outpatient centers, and 10 schools, including specific practices and programs — and why they’re looking forward to the next 200 years. Dr. Cacchione then gives personal insights on leadership to inspire others and the meaning of servant leadership. Joseph then confides personal advice he’d impart to his younger self and the importance of his mother’s guidance and wisdom.
In the second half of the interview, Dr. Cacchione talks about the future of healthcare and not looking back after Covid, leaning into new models of care like care at home and the end-to-end journey to truly better health outcomes, accounting for social determinants, and the importance of data. Dr. Cacchione then expands into the topic of reputation and building the legacy of a great organization with a high-level, brand promise. Finally, Dr. Cacchione shares his humble advice to other CEOs and the questions they should be asking.