Dr. Larry Senn, Chairman & Founder, Senn Delaney and Partner of Heidrick Consulting and significantly, the “Father of Corporate Culture” shares his epiphany, the remarkable story of how it actually all started, and the derivation of the word culture in corporate America. Dr. Senn then talks about changing cultures, the challenges faced in building this concept, and shifting the habits of adults under the concept of “shadow of the leader”. Dr. Senn also explains important insights from his practical and highly-rated book, The Mood Elevator.
In the second half of the interview, Dr. Senn answers why many culture initiatives fail, the four key principles necessary for success, and shares a hospital case study where The Mood Elevator platform was incorporated. Dr. Senn then talks about how a CEO’s personal reputation should be and how it ties into the reputation of the organization and how legacy fits in, including his own.
In closing, Dr. Senn gives advice to CEOs on building their corporate culture especially during the evolution of the remote workplace and flexibility. Dr. Senn also explains why they merged Senn Delaney with Heidrick Consulting. And on a personal note, Dr. Senn talks about what inspired him to run a triathlon. In the talent war, Dr. Senn talks about the younger generation, attracting talent, and the impact of your company’s culture and the ‘essential dimensions’.