Dr. Sanjay Rishi, CEO of JLL Work Dynamics – Americas, a Fortune 500 company and leader in real estate and investment management talks about the ongoing transformation in workplaces. Dr. Rishi gives insights on what CEOs should know about creating a great culture and explains key components of creating value in new workplaces from his insightful and best-selling book, The Workplace You Need Now, including the importance of purpose and the shifting balance of power between employees and employers. Sanjay also shares thoughts on the future of real estate and creating a better workplace and world. Dr. Rishi then gives advice to other CEOs on important strategies on bringing back employees post-pandemic, key statistics, responsibility, sustainability, employee value propositions, and smart buildings all toward a better world. As a recognized most ethical company for the last 15 years, Dr. Rishi stresses what’s truly important when influencing lives and people. And finally, Dr. Rishi talks about the next disruption and how CEOs can prepare.