Michael Gregoire, co-founder of Brighton Park Capital and long-time CEO who engineered one of the largest tech deals involving CA Technologies and Broadcom, shares his unique leadership philosophy including mistakes to avoid in M&A and board relationships. Mike talks about the changing landscape of private equity and the new model of selective partnership. Mr. Gregoire then gives insights on their customers/investor partners and the ‘portfolio’ approach, including investments in technology and healthcare. Mike digs deep into one of the 10 issues of operating at scale, culture, and the concept of “a whisper at the top is a scream at the bottom”. Then Mr. Gregoire gives advice on technology changes and their impact on cultural, legal, and moral perspectives, and what CEOs need to know to scale their company and serve their customers through innovation. Mike also provides his transformative moment on leadership and communication.

In the second part of the interview, Mike delivers key advice on strategy to CEOs as it relates to boards, especially to new CEOs. Mr. Gregoire then closes with key takeaways on investing and anticipating the future and cautions related to the status quo. Finally, Mike talks about technology and the big game changer coming down the pike, i.e. profound changes in how humans interact with computers.