About The CEO Forum

About The CEO Forum

About The CEO Forum

We started The CEO Show in 2007 as a radio station in Greenwich Connecticut with the goal of helping people learn directly from top CEOs.

Today our radio show is nationally syndicated from over 25 AM radio stations across America with over 600,000 weekly listeners. Our magazine, The CEO Forum, is received exclusively by the top 10,000 CEOs in America as a hard copy, and digitally by our community of 9,800 CEOs. And, since 2009, I have taken great pride in writing for Forbes.com, specializing in transformative CEOs.

Our organization also offers CEO Connections, where we connect thought leaders and top executives with like-minded CEOs.

To this day, we still focus on unfiltered content directly from top CEOs, with whom we are interested in sharing timeless leadership principles and business models with our audience of CEOs and aspiring CEOs.

In The Transformative CEO (McGraw-Hill 2012), I define a ‘Transformative CEO’ as someone who creates new value that reinvigorates a company, reinvents an industry, or reboots society.

My hope is by sharing unfiltered CEO content and introducing CEOs to each other, we can help build success, one CEO at a time, by sharing the best practices, driving job creation, and expanding innovation and value throughout the world. This will help us achieve our mission, which is to disseminate CEO wisdom to elevate business, the economy and society.

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