Most CEOs I know are focused on offense — new models to grow in our digital world, and defense — protecting against cyber attacks. Last week I was speaking with Peter McKay, Co-CEO Veeam and asked him his thoughts on how CEOs should looks at perhaps our greatest challenge today — ransomware. He shared, “ Ransomware has been the epitome of a cyber-security threat in 2017, and it will continue in 2018. It has already become a multibillion dollar business and it’s not going to stop. In the last 12 months, nearly half of all US businesses have been affected by ransomware and some ransom requests have almost reached $1M. CEOs should  frequently back up data and store it on multiple media and the cloud. All these will not only help to get protected from ransomware, but will also allow you to avoid data loss and quickly recover from ransomware.”
My take is for CEOs, the true advantage of covering your defense is all your brain-share gets to be put on the offense and how to grow your business.

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