Last week I was interviewing Michel Doukeris, CEO, Anheuser-Busch. He was talking about World Water day, and I could hear his passion so I asked why, as CEO, the Stella Artois water initiative was really so important to him. His response was, “When I think about social impact, I think about what it means to me personally, what it means to us as a company, and how we can make a big difference through our brands. Anheuser-Busch is making commitments in the areas of Water Stewardship, Smart Agriculture, Climate Action, and Circular Packaging and putting their passion for a better world into action through its top brands. For example, Stella Artois is partnering with to end the global water crisis – a partnership that, to date, has helped provide 1.5 million people in the developing world with access to clean water – and this is only the beginning.” And this response is of significant importance as many of the futurists I have spoken with have told me that water is actually the single most important area for us to focus.

As I think more about Michel’s insights, the lesson to all CEOs is have genuine belief and passion about the higher purpose of business. Collectively the CEO community has tremendous leverage to truly make this world a better place both economically and socially.

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