Over his 30 year tenure as Commissioner of the NBA, David Stern transformed the sport in practically every way including: a 30 fold increase in revenue, changing the business model so player were at the top of the brand, and a global outreach for the NBA to become a societal and community centric brand. He told me, “I told owners early, even before I became commissioner, that it doesn’t matter whether you do good or your do well or how you define it. You have to be an element of the community.” When I asked him what his secret to getting all of his different stakeholders on the same page he gave a simple direct answer, “Robert, episodic micromanagement is underrated.” I have frequently thought of that quote. I know it goes against many principles of leadership, but it says to me, don’t frequently micromanage, but isolate the situations where it is essential.

… As CEO, what is a situation that you should jump in and micromanage?

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