I few months ago I asked John Sculley about his advice on selling. He told me the story of when at 29 years old as Pepsi President he tried to sell to Sam Walton to get Pepsi into Walmart. Sculley told Walton, “Mr. Walton, I want to show you a new way we think our soft drinks should be sold in your store.” Sculley then did a demonstration he had practiced many times, he handed the bottle to Walton and actually dropped in before Mr. Walton could take it. Everyone in the room gasped … and what Sculley said looked like slow motion the bottle bounced up off the floor. Walton then asked him what that was, and Scully replied, “Mr. Walton, that’s our new 64 oz. plastic bottle that will revolutionize your soft drink sales.” And that’s how Pepsi gained Walmart as a client.
The lesson to me is to know exactly who you are selling to and use a demonstration if possible to reinforce your message … who knows, you may get a significant new client.

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