Last week I was talking with Ryan Simonetti, the co-founder and CEO of Convene, and he was explaining to me how the changing wants and needs of the modern workforce means businesses need different kinds of workspaces. As background, Convene’s model is the first to integrate elements of a concierge hotel model into office buildings. Ryan and Chris Kelly launched their company not only because landlords weren’t positioned to do this alone, but because they shared a vision of a workplace that went far beyond the conventional office, and had more in common with a full-service lifestyle hotel than the stuffy grey rooms of the past.

Because of the rise of the flexible workspace movement, I had been interested to hear Ryan’s perspective as a pioneer in the area. Here’s what he told me: “Today’s workplaces aren’t built for the workforce of tomorrow. For the businesses of the Baby Boomer and Gen-X generations, the promise of a good salary was often enough to recruit the brightest minds. But the Millennial and Gen-Z workforce have different wants and needs. Choice, flexibility, experiences at work. These are the orders of the day, but ones which today’s workplaces are not delivering.”

If organizations really want to attract and retrain the top talent, CEOs might want to heed Ryan’s advice and start thinking about where and how their employees work …

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