Ronald Weiner, Chairman and President of Perelson Weiner LLP, for 28 years, shares the company’s unique CPA “knowledge” business model which was developed in contrast to the growing commoditization of professional services and imparts the key elements of their holistic approach. Ron talks about building the right culture and foundation at Perelson Weiner by bringing in a specific leadership philosophy and how the 3 types of human relationships changed his management style. Mr. Weiner delineates between a ‘smart’ and a ‘wise’ person while helping clients gain wisdom, and, the importance of ‘taking the fork in the road’. Ron expresses why reputation is at the forefront for him based on his tenure at the firm, being on numerous boards, and, his vast experience of 50 years running firms.
As a top American tax accounting firm, Mr. Weiner outlines his personal thoughts (including his military service) on tieing into the community and philanthropy and the privilege and benefits gained, like the meshing of people’s values.
In the 2nd half of the interview, Mr. Weiner gives his advice to other CEOs to help clarify their choices, from his work with high-net-worth individuals, entrepreneurs, and CEOs on the importance of being proactive with clients. Ron dives into the secrets of curating a great culture of really smart people, the hiring criteria he’s most proud of, and the importance of continuous learning. Finally, Mr. Weiner talks about his future and the open doors ahead of him as an ‘eclectician’.