Sarah Chavarria, President of Delta Dental of California, which is part of America’s largest dental insurance company with 44 million members across 15 states, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico, shares their model of improved access to quality dental healthcare, holistic benefits for overall health, and insights on turning a culture around and becoming a societal brand. Sarah provides surprising data on the communication channel between a patient’s dental and medical providers. Ms. Chavarria then gives her vision for healthcare in America around preventive care and well-being, and what their Community Care Foundation is doing in the community to improve access to care. Sarah also talks about the company’s philosophy and specific tactics to turn around a 68-year-old insurance company based on a culture of command and control to building one of innovation, values, and purpose.

In the second half of the interview, Sarah talks about her passion to reinvent healthcare and the transformative moments in her life that have guided her. Ms. Chavarria then discusses the importance of feedback and alignment with company values. Finally, Sarah delivers a strong message for CEOs on connecting with Delta Dental on the shared purpose to create access to healthcare and improve the healthcare system for the country.