Robert ReissHost & CEO

    Robert Reiss has interviewed more top CEOs in depth on timeless leadership principles than anyone, with over 1,000 interviews on the nationally syndicated, The CEO Show. He founded the company in 2007 with a radio show, The CEO Show, which today is nationally syndicated on over 40 AM radio stations with 600,000 weekly listeners. The CEO Show was rated in, “10 Top Podcasts Every CEO Should Listen To” as the #1 Podcast for CEOs. He also is a writer for since 2009 specializing in transformative CEOs with focus on: the customer experience, culture and digital transformation. The CEO Forum publishes The CEO Forum Magazine, a quarterly received exclusively by the top 10,000 CEOs in America.

    Robert Reiss coined the term “Transformative CEO”, and then co-authored, The Transformative CEO (McGraw-Hill, 2012). Reiss’ work with CEOs has been featured in media such as Squawk Box and The Harvard Business Review where Reiss was cited as, “an expert in executive communications”. According to the renowned business author Tom Peters, “Robert Reiss knows CEOs better than any person alive.”

    Prior to The CEO Show, Reiss was Managing Director of a strategic implementation consulting firm. In his not-for-profit work, Reiss is on the Board of Griffin Hospital (A Fortune #4 Best Company to Work for in America) and Planetree; he was a recipient of the United Health Fund’s Distinguished Trustee Award. Reiss is also Strategy Chair on the Board of Directors of WBC, Women Business Collaborative, (the alliance of women’s business organizations).