Tom O’Brien, President of the Weather Group (including The Weather Channel television network) discusses new innovations across its broad networks on television and OTT streaming and their model of global-local with a technology platform at its core and a mission to protect and save lives. Tom shares the importance of raising the bar for weather knowledge and accuracy. Mr. O’Brien talks about pioneering the innovation of immersive mixed reality technology in the weather business and digital customer experience for more dynamic weather presentations and better storytelling. He then shares his philosophy on leading an impactful organization, the importance of reputation, and how it ties into his leadership model at an award-winning trusted media brand, as well as, how culture is impacted. Tom then explains the importance of ‘running toward change’ for new opportunities and growth and reimagined industries. Mr. O’Brien also speaks to key partnerships like with IBM for data and predicting future weather. Finally, Tom brings us into the future of weather and the Weather Group.