Transformative CEO Summit

“Health and Wellness”
DECEMBER 14, 2023  11A.M. – 1P.M. ET (via Zoom)

“Healthcare is transforming at a dizzying speed. By 2025, three major forces will transform the healthcare model in America: 1. Technology and specifically generative AI; 2. The move to the home; 3. A shift to preventative health. On December 14 2023, our annual Transformative Healthcare CEO Summit, top healthcare executives will gather and brainstorm how the new healthcare model will change over the next few years.” – Robert Reiss, CEO, The CEO Forum Group

  • Summit Cost: $49 Standard Fee
  • Participants: 20 CEO Panelists in WorkGroups  (By Invitation Only) and 150+ CEO observers



“How demographics is creating a new healthcare ecosystem”
Cindy Baier
Brookdale Senior Living


“The hospital culture of the future”
Dr. Joseph Cacchione


“How Generative AI will transform healthcare”
Dr. Lana Feng
Co-Founder & CEO




  • Healthcare 2025: access, equity and innovation

  • How AI will transform healthcare

  • Supply Chain advances in Healthcare

  • Leadership in healthcare

  • The brain & healthcare enterprise growth


 Summit Format:

  • Part A: 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM EST
    Transformative CEO Keynotes, CEO polls & data, and announcement of the 12 recipients of the 2022 Transformative CEO Leadership Awards
  • Part B: 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM EST
    Concurrent workgroups of CEOs will come together to exchange ideas and brainstorm on how to grow and face current challenges for their industry and society
  • Part C: 12:30 PM– 1:00 PM  EST
    Workgroups will report their hard work as they pitch a visual solution for their industry’s transformation.


Here is what CEOs who participated in our March 23, 2023 CEO Summits had to say: (scroll for more)

“It was my privilege with be a part of this panel with these amazing leaders!” —Bill George, Former CEO Medtronic, Harvard Professor, author of best-seller True North

“As CEO of an organization with over 115,000 employees, I attend many global forums; The Transformative CEO Summit bubbles up to the top of the list in terms of relevance, engagement and crispness.” —Tiger Tyagarajan, CEO, Genpact

“Brookdale is the nation’s largest senior living provider, and I value being able to connect with similarly situated peers from other industries. It is incredible that, no matter our discipline or our mission, our challenges seem to be extremely similar, and being able to learn new skills and ideas from someone who has successfully navigated through them is invaluable. I have been able to further Brookdale’s mission of enriching the lives of those we serve with compassion, respect, excellence, and integrity thanks, in part, to my involvement in the Transformative CEO Summits.” —Cindy Baier, President, CEO, and Director, Brookdale Senior Living

“In being CEO for over 30 years, I enjoy speaking with other CEOs and sharing perspective. Your CEO Summit is a unique and powerful gathering of top CEOs to brainstorm how we all can elevate the business ecosystem and drive success. A really smart use of two hours for all of us CEOs” —Farooq Kathwari, CEO, president and Chairman, Ethan Allen


CEO Quotes from our Summer 2023 Transformative CEO Summit

2023 Summit Calendar:

  •  3rd Annual Summit: March 23rd, 11 am – 1 pm EST – “Leadership and How the World is Changing”
    40 CEO Participants in 5 Workgroups + 250 CEO observing Guests
  • Quarterly Summit: June 28th, 11 am – 1 pm EST 
    20 CEO Participants in 4 Workgroups + 50 CEO observing Guests
  • Quarterly Summit: September 28th, 11 am – 1 pm EST 
    20 CEO Participants in 4 Workgroups + 100 CEO observing Guests
  • Quarterly Summit: December 14th, 11 am – 1 pm EST 
    20 CEO Participants in 4 Workgroups + 100 CEO observing Guests

2023 – Summits

June 28, 2023 -“The New Business Transformation Model”


“Emerging Strategic Models”
Sharon Marcil
North America Chair


“Unlocking Key Potential with the Power of ‘Real'”
Esi Seng
Tate’s Bake Shop


“The Subscription Economy”
Tien Tzuo
Founder & CEO



Workgroups of Thought Leaders Met to Discuss:

  • Developing a universal leadership model for business and America
  • Tomorrow’s culture: intelligence, agility and humanity
  • Supply chain strategies during volatile times
  • The healthcare business model of 2025
  • The Customer of the Future
  • Developing Strategic Agility


March 23, 2023 -“Leadership and How the World is Changing”


“How the New Capitalism is Transforming the Business Landscape”
Alan Murray
Fortune Media


“Visionary Leadership: Lessons on Past and Future Leadership From a Three Time Fortune 500 CEO”
Ravi Saligram
President & CEO
Newell Brands


“Women Leadership”
Caroline Feeney
Prudential Financial/U.S. Insurance & Retirement Business


Workgroups of Thought Leaders Met to Discuss:

  • Developing better leaders to accelerate transformation
  • Supply Chain Leadership
  • Transformative forces shaping the future of healthcare delivery
  • Developing strategy in 2023
  • How CEOs can impact the world


Here is what CEOs who participated in our 2021 & 2022 CEO Summits had to say:

“Exciting outcome with a strong panel of CEOs. The CEO Forum Group has an extraordinary gift in bringing top leaders together with sincerity, sharpness, and purpose. You paced the Summit exactly right, with plenty of gems and likely new partnerships too.”

“So much inspiration. This was really insightful – you are doing something SPECIAL.”

“It was extremely valuable having this brain trust all together discussing major world and business issues.”


2022 – Summits

December 14, 2022 -“Healthcare”


How Physicians Can Transform Healthcare”
James L. Madara, MD
American Medical Association


“The Future of Provider Healthcare”
Dr. Ralph De La Torre
Chairman & CEO
Steward Health Care


“The Link Between Health Longevity and Healthy Workforce”
Jo Ann Jenkins


“Broadening the Mission of Healthcare Providers”
Michael Dowling
President & CEO
Northwell Health


“The Future of Behavioral Healthcare”
Marc D. Miller
President & CEO
Universal Health Services

Workgroups of Thought Leaders Met to Discuss:

  • How Technology is Transforming Healthcare and Wellness
  • Healthcare Supply Chain
  • A Healthcare Imperative: Fighting Human Trafficking
  • The Future of Care Delivery


September 29, 2022 -“Leadership”


“Leadership philosophy and core values”
David S. Marriott
Marriott International


“Building a global ecosystem”
Angela F. Williams
United Way Worldwide


“Reinventing the boardroom”
Peter Gleason
President & CEO
National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD)


Workgroups of Thought Leaders Met to Discuss:

  •  The New Leadership Model
  • Culture and Talent
  • How ESG will Transform Enterprises
  • Supply Chain Agility and Health
  • From Success to Significance
  • How the Cloud will Drive New Industry Growth


 June 21, 2022 -“Breakthrough Innovation”


“Innovation and our future”
Gary J. Shapiro
Producer, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) &
President and CEO, Consumer Technology Association


“A case study of innovation in the travel industry”
Arnold W. Donald
Carnival Corporation


“Breakthrough innovation in manufacturing”
Barbara Humpton, CEO
Siemens Corporation



“How to innovate and disrupt in 2022 and beyond …”
Terry Jones
Founding CEO Travelocity &
Co-founder and Chairman, Kayak


Three Workgroups of Thought Leaders Met to Discuss:

  • Supply Chain Agility and Health
  • Innovating in a World of Ecosystems
  • The Future of Customer Engagement



April 21, 2022 -“Intention & Purpose: CEOs Creating a New World Ecosystem”


“Three focuses for CEOs in 2022: DEI, Health, Supply Chain”
Mike Kaufmann
Cardinal Health
Read Bio


“How the world’s best CEOs think differently”
Carolyn Dewar
Co-Author, CEO Excellence, and Founder & Global CEO Practice Leader
McKinsey & Company
Read Bio


“A CEO’s role in creating a new world ecosystem”
Deepak Chopra MD, FACP,
Chairman of the Board and Founder
The Chopra Foundation
Read Bio


“How the future of travel can be reinvented”
David G. Neeleman
Founder, JetBlue & CEO, Breeze Airways
Read Bio



7 Workgroups of Thought Leaders Met to Discuss:

  • Leadership Through Crisis
  • Supply Chain Agility and Health
  • Reinventing Higher Education
  • Strategy in an Unpredictable World
  • The Digital Customer Engagement
  • The New Biology of Employee Wellness
  • CEO Global Citizenship


2021 – Summits

December 14, 2021: CEOs, Healthcare & Transformation


“Innovation in Healthcare”
Robert C. Garrett, FACHE
Hackensack Meridian Health


“The Future of Patient Experience”
Redonda Miller, MD
The Johns Hopkins Hospital


“The Next 100 Years of Healthcare”
Tomislav Mihaljevic, MD
CEO & President
Cleveland Clinic


“Healthcare Lessons From The Past Two Years”
Steven J. Corwin, MD
CEO & President


“Scaling with Strength”
John E. Schlifske
Chairman, CEO & President
Northwestern Mutual


Three Workgroups of Thought Leaders Met to Discuss: 

  • Healthcare Innovation
  • Healthcare Logistics
  • Healthcare Technology

September 21, 2021: 4th and Goals


“In 2021, what CEOs can learn from sports”
Vincent Edward
 “Bo” Jackson
VEJ Holdings


“ESG: The past, present, and future”
Miriam E. Nelson, PhD
President and CEO,
Newman’s Own Foundation


“Economic and Investment Forecast”
Keith Banks
Vice-Chairman and Head of the Investment Solutions Group
Bank of America


Thought leader facilitated workgroups:

  • eCommerce
  • ESG (Environmental, social and corporate governance)
  • Reinventing Healthcare
  • Leadership in 2021 and Beyond

June 21, 2021: Opening up the World

Click here to view Part A of our June Summit, including keynote presentations


“The Future of Cities”
Judy Marks, President, and CEO
Otis Worldwide Corporation
Read Bio



“The Marriott Story and How the Travel Industry will Change”
Tony Capuano, CEO,
Marriott International
Read Bio



“How America can Become a Harmonious Society”
Nadja West, Lt. General (ret), 44th Surgeon General
United States Army
Read Bio



“How CEOs Create Harmony and Stay Present”
Deepak Chopra MD, FACP, Chairman of the Board and Founder
The Chopra Foundation


Thought leader facilitated workgroups:

  • Reinventing Healthcare
  • Reinventing Connected Workforce
  • Reinventing Financial Services
  • Rebooting Society: Digital Reinvention

February 25, 2021: The Seminal Confluence of Transformative CEOs Collaborating to Solve Today’s Most Pressing Issues 


“Three Lessons CEOs Can Use in 2021”
Barbara Humpton, CEO
Siemens, USA



“Aging and the Five-Generation Workforce”
Jo Ann Jenkins, CEO



“Leading a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion”
Greg A. Adams, Chairman, and CEO
Kaiser Permanente



“Leadership in 2021: An Historical Perspective”
David M. Rubenstein, Co-Founder, and Co-Chairman
The Carlyle Group



Thought leader facilitated workgroups:

  • Rebooting Society: Corporate Citizenship
  • Reinventing Healthcare
  • Reinventing Manufacturing
  • Rebooting Society: Transforming with Digital to Emerge Stronger
  • Reinventing Financial Services
  • Reinventing Retail
  • Reinventing Education
  • Reinventing eCommerce
  • Reinventing Travel